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Jesse Lee Kincaid’s album Brief Moments Full Measure contains a baker’s dozen songs written by Kincaid. Ranging from the folky, funky “Little Rain”, with Taj Mahal on banjo and harmonica, to “Black Crow,” a country blues with Maria Muldaur singing, and Taj Mahal on banjo, to a touchingly sentimental “My Family,” again with Muldaur on harmony.
Kincaid shows his versatility on a number of Americana styles, from the folky “Butterfly Tree,” to the rockin’ “Runaway Train.” He veers away from his acoustic folk-rock roots with the genre-busting “Hindu Kush,” an exotic Indian flavored instrumental and ventures into hip-hop with the novelty number “School Rap.” One of the album’s standout tracks is the lovely ballad, “Out Of This World,” with Omega Rae adding background vocals, and Hannah Kuipers on harp.
Closing the album is the ballad, “She Sang Hymns,” one of Kincaid’s first songs, written in 1967, and previously recorded by both Nilsson and The Dillards,
Jesse Lee Kincaid founded The Rising Sons with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder in Hollywood in 1965. Their album, containing six Kincaid songs, was released on Columbia Records.
Kincaid’s writing ability had increased along with his music skills over the years. He’d gone to music school on a scholarship, traveled the world, become a parent, and accumulated a body of songs that needed to be recorded in a quality setting.

“A top notch singer and multi instrumentalist, with this album Kincaid reminds us that a seasoned musician from the 1960’s golden era can be doing his best work nearly 50 years later.”
Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

My search for a studio led me to a few in Marin County that seemed good but it was with Joel Jaffe at Studio D Recording that the connection was made. The studio is of significant quality and Joel possesses the ability to shape the sound with skill and stay true to my aesthetic, essentially, to maintain an acoustic format as much as possible while still giving the material a solid texture.

Joel suggested September 17 and 18, 2013, as a start to lay down my acoustic guitar tracks and once that step was taken we were delighted with the result and proceeded to record the basic tracks, with Billy Johnson on drums, and Steve Evans on bass, followed by Eammon Flynn on Hammond B3 organ and Austin deLone on piano.

George Brooks, saxophone, and Vishal Nagar, tabla, joined us to give a jazzy Indian texture to a klezmer favorite of mine, renamed Hindu Kush, and finally Omega Rae joined us to sing, along with Maria Muldaur, singing, and Taj Mahal playing banjo and harmonica. The sessions were a reunion for Taj and I, recording together again for the first time in 50 years.


Though brief the moments together

Full is their measure

When love is the force

Great is the treasure



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